Uttarakhand govt reduces fee for MBBS courses from ₹ 4 lakh to ₹ 1.45 lakh

Earlier, in all the medical colleges of the state, MBBS was conducted at an annual fee of only Rs 50,000 on bond filling. This arrangement was changed in the previous Trivendra government.

Now the path of becoming a doctor has become easy for the poor promising of Uttarakhand by studying MBBS. The government has restored the facility of doing MBBS in medical colleges of plain districts by filling bonds.

Earlier under the bond system, only medical colleges in hilly areas like Srinagar had the facility of bond education. Whereas the fee for MBBS without bond had also gone up to Rs 4 lakh, under which students taking admission in Dehradun and Haldwani Medical Colleges were facing a lot of trouble. The students were agitating continuously.

Finally, while the government has restored the bond system in all medical colleges, on the other hand the fees have also been reduced from Rs 4 lakh to Rs 1, 45 thousand. Surely this will bring great relief to the students.

The fight will increase again on the seats of All India quota When the government had reduced the MBBS fee to Rs 4 lakh, the arrival of students from outside states in the 15 percent All India quota seats in the medical colleges of the state had reduced significantly.

By converting these seats into state quota, the promising people of the state were getting the benefit. But now due to the reduction in fees again, the fight for the seats of All India quota will increase. At present, there are about 15 All India quota MBBS seats in Haldwani and Srinagar and about 27 in Doon Medical College.

MBBS path will be easy for poor meritorious In the context of seat allotment and preferred colleges through NEET UG counseling in the state, Haldwani Medical College is the first choice. After this, there is Srinagar and then Doon Medical College on the second priority. If a student has got a seat in Haldwani Medical College on the basis of good rank,

So it is mandatory to pay a fee of four lakh rupees to him. This has made MBBS education extremely difficult for promising students from poor households. If the bond system is re-implemented, then surely education will become easy for 50 thousand rupees per annum.

These are the rules for bond holders The rules are also very strict for bond holders. Given the paucity of junior and senior resident doctors in medical colleges, students pursuing MBBS from bonds have to serve in medical colleges for the first one year. After that, for two years, one has to serve in the first aid centers of inaccessible mountainous areas. After this, it is mandatory to serve in district hospitals or inaccessible hospitals for two years.

Increase the posts of faculty members in Government Medical College Approval has been given to increase 157 posts of faculty members as per norms in Sohan Singh Jeena Government Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Almora.

The government is trying to start MBBS course from this academic session. For this, the posts of faculty members are being created in the Medical College as per the norms of the Center. So that the Medical Council of India can get permission to start MBBS course in 100 seats.

Government has been trying for a long time to start Government Medical College, Almora, but due to lack of faculty members, approval was not given to conduct MBBS course. Now the government has approved the creation of 157 additional posts of faculty members as per the norms of the Center.

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