Physics Wallah’ Had the Perfect Clapback to ‘Slayy Point’ Roast Video on Online Schools

Physics Wallah CEO aka Alakh Pandey responded to the roast video of teachers and online schools dropped by popular YouTube channel ‘Slayy Point.’

Slayy Point, a massively-popular home-grown YouTube channel, delivers one banger after another. Run by Gautami and Abhyudaya, the channel with over 7 million subscribers makes comedy sketches and humourous roast videos. From taking swipes at bizarre food trends in India to cringe photo edits by desi boys to mocking the media obsessing over Vicky-Katrina wedding, the duo has covered pop-culture topics that often make us go: why?

Oh, and remember the evergreen “Binod” meme that broke the Internet in 2020? Slayy Point was the mastermind. 

So it should come as no surprise that their latest drop, roughly a week-old video titled “Online Schools are OUT OF CONTROL” has managed to create ample buzz online. Only this time, the creators are said to have missed the mark and crossed the proverbial line. That is what the students defending their teachers in the comments section of Slayy Point video have conveyed.

Slayy Point, in its video, uses out-of-context clippings of tutors sharing learning “hacks” during their online/offline classes for students. The duo also features videos of “tutors” teaching not-your-average topics. One teacher resorts to shayaris in the classroom, and another plays Bhojpuri songs on a projector screen. Both Gautami and Abhyudaya also enact several bizarre clips, making for an enjoyable watch.

The now-viral video also touches upon the harassment teachers face when students leave uncouth messages on video chats all in the name of “prank”- something that teachers have routinely faced in post-pandemic online lectures.

But it was Slayy Point’s roast of MR Sir and Physics Wallah CEO aka Alakh Pandey, both of who appear briefly, that didn’t sit well with some of their students.

MR Sir is one of the best so far, providing education and that is also available for all is something appreciable. Kindly do not include such teachers without your prior knowledge and their impact on many others those who follow. I really liked your videos but please don’t make fun of sir,” read one comment under the video. 

“No student will be happy seeing some random people on internet trolling his favourite teacher,” another chimed.

MR Sir aka Manish Raj mentioned here by several users teaches physics at the Physics Wallah, a Noida-based online ed-tech platform that has built a substantial following on YouTube and is being spearheaded by Alakh Pandey. Once the world moved indoors following the Covid-19 pandemic, many such platforms became a boon to students as attending virtual classes became a new normal.

Response to Roast 

Alakh Pandey, popularly known as Physics Wallah, took to his official YouTube channel after being barraged with messages about Slayy Point video.

The video was humourous, a bit of banter is healthy,” Pandey says in response, stating that he watched the Slayy Point’s roast video after the online noise. Pandey, however, switches gears immediately.

“Yes, we edited the Brahmastra trailer for a promo, yes we use unoriginal shayaris to make our classes more engaging,” he says before sarcastically adding that they actually put in an effort to copy while Slayy Point simply lifts what’s viral on the Internet and posts reaction videos to it.

This video is just for fun, enjoy it,” Pandey cheekily concludes. 

Manish Raj or MR Sir, however, did not mince any words in his response to the roast video.

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