Here we are sharing the answer key of physics of cbse paper class 12 term 1 According to me which I have seen in physics exam paper was moderate and lengthy which creat difficulty for students but if you see the Question was easy no so much hard.

It was good!

It went better than I thought it would. To be honest, I was dreading that I won’t be able to complete the entire paper on time; but that did not happen. I can’t believe I just said that that did not happen.

That’s because given my physics test track record over the past two years, this is a big deal for me. Trust me, not for once did I submit an answer script where I attempted all of the questions. Somehow, some way or the other I lagged behind and couldn’t finish writing everything. But I’m glad it worked out well this time around.

As for the Question Paper itself, I received AI Set 1 and quite frankly, it was simple.

Section A was a piece of cake! However, I always struggle a little with note-making and today was no exception.

Section B was fairly simple as well. Thankfully, because I almost never seem to get it right. And all that “Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I would like to draw your attention towards <insert a repititive and dreary social/environmental problem>” stuff kinda makes me cringe.

Coming to Section C, I’m gonna have to say it was also pretty straightforward and easy. I kind of hit a roadblock when it came to the first Invisible Man question, as what I knew was not enough to fetch me 6 marks but I managed to get it together at the end.

Presentation-wise, my answer script wasn’t The Best. I have a moderate-to-almost-fast writing speed but I just couldn’t get around drawing margins and all this time. I hope it doesn’t cost me anything. **crosses fingers**

Finally, I think my exam was good. I gave my 100% and I’m just glad I finished the entire paper. No hard feelings.

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