Online lectures and timers :- The subtle art of doing study

Welcome back! How you people are doing? What you learnt from COVID? Nothing?
Regardless of your physical appearance or what you did ?

let’s focus on our blog that is the subtle art of doing study. Awkward? Ok just ignore physical appearance.

The biggest thing I learned from COVID : knowing your priorities,
What are your priorities?
• Health
• Your relationships
• Work
• Mort important time

Well, COVID taught us how to be more productive online there are people who are studying from platforms like unacademy, physics wallah, right??

You’ve noticed the length of video lectures like literally dude they sucks.
It can be quite difficult to go through that whole thing at a once. It can be something that you might think about whole week.

Oh! I’ve to do this 60 min video. It’s like needing to run up a big hill but if its smaller if its 10 minutes ? It’s easier to digest.
The hill is little smaller so even though it’s a part of larger lesson but piece is easier to eat. The lessons hould be broken up in smaller pieces.

Don’t be just fooled by students who are like ” bro! I completed the lecture at once”. Just focus on your potential and work for it.

Time takes time just go for review again and again. Take care of your eyes by adding visor to your chrome or buy blue filter that will help you to go for a long run.

Next blog will be on things to remember throughout your online course.
Will meet soon!

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