Neet 2020 have been postponed due to covid 19 and you all students get another chance to crack the neet so today we are going to tell you how to prepare just in 45 if you have not read anything till now…

There are two cases one is that who have completed their syllabus and now they are doing revisionThe another one who started for neet after 12th it means they have just 45 days so we are going to how to study..

First of all we have 97 chapters in physics chemistry and biology so we have devided them for 45 days plan in which you will cover up all the topics and chapter and questions paper..

1-BIOLOGY : one chapter per day you can complete it in max 2 to 3 hours and plus one hour for questions..Make short notes to learn NCERT line by line…Try to make tricks for biology Make flash cards and put it on your pockets and every 10 min see them….If you don’t understand NCERT line by line then take lecture Anand Mani sir and jitendr sir on unacademy and biomentors..And after all of these go for questions solve Allen AAKASH exercise within a one hour..If you did this you will get 320+ marks in biology..

2- PHYSICS : 3 days per chapter as we know neet students are week in physics..We will gave to this subject 1 day for theory and formula and two days for questions…we will gave it 6 hours study in one day for physics. With 10 min break in one hour…Make formula flash cards and concept short will help to utilize your time..As we know most of the questions are just formula based you have to just learn all formula..After all of these you will go for questions you should choose DC pandey for questions it have good question of neet level and it will cover up your all topics and concept…After this you will get 130+ marks..

3- CHEMISTRY– one day one chapter in four hours is enough for chemistry…In this subject we have some small chapters like polymer biomolecules etc which you can complete within a hour..Some chapter such as physical chemistry which is so much time taking chapters…So you should complete first inorganic then organic and last physical chemistry because it will gave you more power to do any chapter…In organic and inorganic you have to just read NCERT line by line and make flash cards reaction and short tricks for s block p block chapters…Go for questions choose Ms Chauhan for organic and inorganic aakash module and physical you go for N Avasthi books…After this you will surely get 140+ marks 

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Guys this strategy will work and you will gain good marks in neet 2020 after  that when you complete your syllabus  you should go for previous year questions papers daily at 2 :pm the same time when you gave the neet exam…Thankyou By MD AZHRUDDIN

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