Last Minute JEE Mains prep tips

Various engineering colleges in India conduct the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) for admissions. Two separate examinations are held: the JEE-Mains and the JEE-Advanced.

For a total of 23 Indian Institutes of Technology, 31 National Institutes of Technology, 25 Indian Institutes of Information Technology campuses, and other Government Funded Technical Institutes (GFTIs), the Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) handles the joint admission process. A student’s rank in JEE Mains Results or JEE-Advanced, depending on the engineering college, determines whether to attend.

Unlike the B.Arch, both papers will be conducted online using computers in accordance with the NTA JEE Main 2023 exam pattern and syllabus. Each topic for paper 1 of the JEE Main 2023 test consists of 20 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and 10 numerical value questions, of which only 5 are required. JEE Main exam patterns should be carefully reviewed by candidates before the exam begins. Three sections that are included are Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.

We will discuss some common exam mistakes that you must avoid.

Before entering the exam hall

1 . Bring all your documents, admit cards, etc., and arrive before time.

2 . On the day before the exam, drink plenty of water, eat enough food (but not too much), and stop studying by 8 PM or so (sleep at least 7–8 hours).

3. If you need to use the washroom before entering (you don’t want to use it during the paper), go before entering.

4. It is common for students to study outside of the exam hall. If you don’t belong to such a group, we don’t recommend doing that, and many experts recommend ignoring such people.

5. If your parents/guardians/teachers are present, speak with them. Keep your ‘friends’ at a distance. Pressure is eased by these things.

In the hall before the paper is distributed:

1. Make sure the computer is filled out correctly (if necessary).


3. Invigilators should not be interfered with

4. Check that everything is filled out correctly. There are still about 30 minutes left before the start of the paper.

5. Don’t talk to anyone around you now. Most of them are unknown. Self-talk helps during this time 

6. Take a deep breath and relax, but don’t fall asleep.

After the paper starts

1 . Take your time reading the paper before diving in. Look at the questions for a few minutes (5 minutes or so). Get a sense of what is difficult and what is easy.

2. Decide where to begin based on what is easy and what is your strongest subject.

3. Start by answering only a few easy questions. Start by attempting 5–6 very easy questions from all the subjects rather than 20 questions from, say, physics. Many people make this mistake. As a result, you will build confidence and be more likely to attempt more things.

4. Don’t spend too much time on a question. It can always be done later. CBT lets you come back easily, but be careful not to click too quickly. It’s a huge mistake.

After the paper is over:

  • 1 . Have lunch at home and relax for the rest of the day.
  • 2. By evening, calculate your marks. Keep a positive attitude and don’t become depressed or overconfident. Start preparing for JEE ADVANCED if your assumed score is between 350 and 360.
  • 3. Get motivated to prepare for JEE(Advanced) or any other exam.

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