In neet Physics, 67% questions are easy these are enough to get 100+ marks in physics

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Well we are going to tell you how to get 100+ marks in neet physics subject so here it is. Children have many problems regarding Physics (Physics) subject in NEET. In such a situation, children get into trouble by making an assumption in advance.

In Physics, 67% questions are easy. In such a situation, even if we focus on this, then 100 numbers are sure. Those who get more than 110 in Physics score more than 600. Know some similar information and questions of students from expert Randhir Singh (Assistant Director of Akash Institute, Bhopal) …

Physics is generally considered as the toughest subject in NEET. Physics paper is based on numericals. The biggest feature of Physics subject as compared to other subjects is that 67% questions are easiest in it. 22% are somewhat difficult and 11% are difficult. Only by focusing on the easy one can score well.

On an average 85% of the questions asked in NEET have easy or average level of difficulty. A large part of such questions are based on formulas. Make a chapter-wise chart of all the formulas of Physics. if you allIt will be beneficial if you understand everyone’s relationship, as doing so will save a lot of time during the exam. Focus on NCERT of 11th and 12th.


Formula preparation is the most important thing in physics. Students should know all the formulas well. Notes should be made of important threads and things related to them. Only by emphasizing on this can 100 numbers be achieved. It is necessary to score around 130 in Physics.


Can You Crack Neet If You Study From Today? :- Yes, it is possible if all the subjects are properly prepared in the system.

HOW TO STUDY ONLINE ? :- There are many options for online studies. It ranges from video to theory. Out of this, whichever is the matter or video with the series bar series, read it only. This will make the subject easy to understand.

Which Books Should I Read :- It is most important for NEET that it is necessary to read NCERT for NEET. Reading the same thoroughly will clear NEET. Other books can be taken to solve old papers, but keep the focus on NCERT.

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