High Salary Career Options in Medical other than MBBS without NEET

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What are the high salary career options other than MBBS without NEET? This is a common question among medical aspirants who were unable to crack NEET or get admission to MBBS. This article aims to answer their question.

MBBS is considered one of the most coveted and respectable professions in India. Many aspirants even start to prepare for NEET as early as Class 9. The competitive exam is considered one of the toughest and lakhs of candidates appear every year in the exam to secure a seat. However, being a highly competitive entrance exam, a lot of candidates are unable to get into the MBBS course. However, that does not mean that they cannot build a successful career in the medical domain. There are a number of high-salary career options in the medical stream other than MBBS without NEET. In this article of Shiksha, we bring to you the list of medical and allied courses other than MBBS.

There are 91,927 MBBS seats across 612 medical colleges in India. The number of MBBS seats and colleges has increased for the academic year 2022-23. Over 17 lakh test-takers appeared for Neet 2022. Hence, the ratio of appearing candidates and the number of available MBBS seats have a huge difference. And the numbers are enough to tell the gravity of the difficulty of the entrance exam. Hence, it is important to know about courses other than MBBS to avoid wasting a year, and yet fulfill your dream to pursue a medical course other than MBBS.

Besides the competition, you need to be very hardworking and passionate to be able to make a mark in this field, but besides having these qualities it is not guaranteed that you will be able to secure an MBBS seat. Even after cracking NEET and taking admission to a medical college, the MBBS course itself is exhaustive and needs long hours of study. The MBBS course curriculum is vast including clinical work, laboratory work and at the end of one year of internship. The course is also a 5-year-long programme. Keeping into consideration, many candidates, even after qualifying for the NEET, does not prefer to pursue MBBS. Another thing is that the NEET-qualified candidates don’t get the college of their choice, making them choose some other course than MBBS. Hence, it is always a good idea to keep yourself open to courses other than MBBS and be ready to pursue career options after NEET other than MBBS.

Other Alternatives to MBBS

Not all NEET aspirants know that through the exam they can take admission into many other courses as well besides MBBS. You can pursue your dream of becoming a medical professional even without pursuing an MBBS course. There are many other medical course other than MBBS that are promising and rewarding at the same time, and these fields are growing at a fast pace. By going through the options, you can gauge that other than MBBS which course is best for you. That would also lead you to a high-salary career option in medical other than MBBS without NEET.

After MBBS, the most popular medical course option is BDS. After completing the BDS course, you will be called a registered and qualified doctor. Besides BDS, you may opt for any course under the hood of AYUSH(Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy) courses. AYUSH practitioners are also qualified doctors. These courses are now managed and regularised by the Government as well and offer full-time degree programmes.

Courses such BHMS , BUMS , BAMS or BNYS (Bachelor of Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences) can also be opted. All these courses are for the same duration as MBBS, followed by a compulsory internship. The above-mentioned courses require NEET and one needs to be NEET qualified to take admission in these courses, but the neet cutoff is not as high as that of the MBBS courses.

There are many other courses other than MBBS you can choose from and you don’t need to qualify for NEET for the same. Branches like allied medical sciences, paramedical sciences and likes are some good options aspirants with physics, chemistry and biology subjects in class 12 can opt for.

Paramedical Sciences

Paramedical sciences courses deal with the training and education to manage and handle emergency medical treatment, diagnosis and treatment of various medical conditions and ailments with the help of diagnostic tools, ultrasound, X Rays and tests in cynical labs. As the population and the high number of patients in the Out Patient Department (OPD) and In-patient departments of the hospitals, shortage of paramedics in India is observed every now and then. Hence, making the branch one of the most demanding in the field of medical sciences

Veterinary Sciences

Bachelor in veterinary science BVsc is a four-year course in which aspirant learns and gets trained about the veterinary or animal sciences and can practice as a veterinary or animal doctor. Graduates from this course can work as pet care professionals, veterinary pharmacists, and animal behaviour management specialists in military forces.

Job opportunities in veterinary sciences have extended towards the private sector immensely from the government sector over time. Opportunities in animal health and nutrition, animal care product management, animal grooming and various animal farms have been created these days. Hence, it is one of those high-salary career options other than MBBS.

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