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Exam guru new pattern based of cbse board mathematics book for class 12 term first this question bank is really good for the board preparation and all chapterwise topicwise Mcq Question are available in this book.

Disclaimer: This blog does no longer very own this e-book neither created nor scanned. We simply supplying the hyper link already available on net and other sources. If any manner it violates the law or has any issues then kindly mail us or contact us  neetjeemedia@gmail.com  for this Link Removal. I have created this Blog Just to help poor students who are financially terrible to buy any book from market.

Here, I am sharing the books we referred to and the benefits you can get from particular book: and also we wil tel how will you get full marks in maths subject

Maths is one of the easiest subjects to score a 100 in, because it has a really predictable exam. Complete your syllabus by 31st October and you need to revise it at least 3 times before 31st January.

You don’t need to do RD for these chapters

Relations functions
Inverse trigno
Application of integrals
Differential equations
But note that you should do the NCERT of these chapters thoroughly and when I say thoroughly I mean each question, example and even the miscellaneous exercise at least 3 times.

Do the following chapters first from NCERT and then some extra questions from RD sharma (no need to go in too much detail, just some practice).

Application of derivatives
The remaining chapters i.e. Derivatives and Integrals are to be done thoroughly from RD sharma (first do RD and then NCERT)

TIP 1: when you do a chapter for the first time mark doubts with circle, the next time with a star and so on. This will narrow down the number of questions which you’ll need to do the subsequent time because you don’t need to do the easy questions again and again.

TIP 2: make a separate notebook from the start listing all formulas, tricks, tips, tricky questions, the types in integrals and so on. This might seem silly, but it will dramatically reduce your revision time because you won’t have to turn pages in every exam to hunt for the formulas.

TIP 3: by 15th February you should have completed your last revision. After 15th feb don’t do any sample papers, rather practice CBSE previous year exams of 2019, 2018, 2017 so on (as far as you can go, I suggest 8–10 papers till 2010) and during the exam holidays repeat this exercise along with revision of formulas and concepts.

The reason for practicing 10 previous year exams (In a time bound manner of course) is because most of the questions repeat year on year (not the figures just the types).

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