Crack NEET 2022: Follow these tips to score more than 680 marks in 720

The application process for the NEET exam to be conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA). Get ready students dreaming of getting admission in the top medical college of the country. NEET exam is one of the top entrance exams in the country. Every year lakhs of students apply for it. But only a few students are able to succeed in it. Most of the students fail in the exam by a margin of few marks.

On the other hand, many students consider this exam difficult and leave the preparation in the middle. Explain that questions are asked from Physics, Chemistry and Biology sections in this exam. We have come up with some easy tips for the students who are leaving the exam due to the fear of high competition and subject wise preparation and appearing for NEET for the first time. If you keep the following points in mind during your preparation then you can score more than 600 marks out of 720 in the exam.

Build a Study Schedule - To prepare for an exam like NEET, you need to focus from the very beginning. First of all you have to make a proper study schedule. In which a routine has to be created. After understanding the syllabus of the exam better, decide how much time to be given to each subject accordingly.
NCERT is important for preparation - NCERT is most important for theory subjects. It is very important to prepare NCERT well for the preparation of theory subjects like Biology, Inorganic Chemistry, Modern Physics etc. About 95% of the total theory questions come from NCERT.
Pay special attention to Biology section - Let us know that questions are asked from Physics, Chemistry and Biology section in NEET exam. There are 45 questions from Physics, 45 from Chemistry and 90 questions from Biology. All the questions are of 4 marks each, thus the total exam is of 720 marks. In which 360 marks are from Biology section. Out of which 60% questions come from Botany and 40% questions from Zoology. So you should focus more on Biology subject.
Make notes by yourself - The best formula to prepare for the exam is to make notes on your own. When you read and make notes from your understanding, then you will make your preparation more firm. For this, you have to write the things you read daily in one place. By doing this you will have a proper notes ready just before the exam.
Revise daily - When you make notes daily, revise them daily too. With this you will not forget things. Before resuming the next day, revise the topics studied a day earlier once again. In this way you can do proper preparation.
Practice with old paper - Those students who have dropped preparation in the middle, it is special advice for them to collect the papers of last few years. Solve the old paper on a daily basis. This will help you to know the exact pattern of the exam. Also, you will be able to understand the questions in a better way. This method also helps you to increase your speed.
Take Mock Tests - To make your preparation more strong, prepare your own mock tests on the basis of model papers. In this, practice solving the paper in the stipulated time. You don't need to be nervous for NEET exam. .

All you have to do is prepare by following the above-mentioned tips. I assure that with the help of these tips you can easily score more than 600 marks

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