CBSE board examination is going on and the answer key will be released after some days on cbse official site and yiu can download answer key their. And this answer key is According to the new pattern released by cbse board in this year. Today (18 December )was the exam of biology class 12 term 1.

NEW DELHI: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has conducted Class 12 CBSE biology exam 2021 today. The CBSE 12th biology papers were distributed at 11:10 am and concluded at 1 pm. Experts and teachers have released the CBSE biology answer key 2021 and analysis.
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The CBSE Class 12th Biology exam was conducted for 90 minutes. Students were given 20 minutes to read the CBSE 12th biology question paper.

CBSE 12th Biology Question Paper 2021: Section-wise question breakup
Class 12 CBSE biology exam 2021 was divided into three sections A, B and C. Overall 60 questions were asked and students are required to answer 50 questions. The question paper will be objective in nature.

The section divided are as follows:

Section A has 24 questions. Attempt any 20 questions.

Section B has 24 questions. Attempt any 20 questions.

Section C has 12 questions. Attempt any 10 questions.

There is no provision for negative marking in the CBSE 12th board examination 2021 term 1.

CBSE Class 12 biology answer key 2021 (official)
Earlier, official answer keys were being sent to the exam centre for evaluation purposes. As per the new guidelines of OMR sheet evaluation , now, CBSE biology answer key will not be available at examination centres. The exam centre superintendent will seal the OMR sheets and dispatch them to the concerned regional office.

We have made this answer key below this is unofficial but all will be correct answer so don’t worry it will be 90% correct answer.

CBSE Answer Key 2021 Class 12 biology for QP Code No. 057/2/4
Question no. Answer Key Question no. Answer Key Question no. Answer Key
1. c 2. b. 3. d
4. a 5. a 6. d
7. c 8. b 9. d
10. c 11. b 12. a
13. b 14. b 15. a
16. b 17. d 18. b
19. b 20. c 21. c
22. b 23. c 24. a
25. c 26. c 27. d
28. a 29. b 30. b
31. d 32. a 33. c
34. b 35. d 36. d
37. c. 38. b. 39. a
40. c 41. c 42. c
43. d 44. c. 45. d
46. d 47. b 48. d
49. b 50. a 51. a
52. a 53. d 54. a
55. b 56. c 57. b
58. d 59. b. 60. C

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