CBSE 12th Results 2022: Fewer Kids Get 90%, No one Tops Exams, Pass Percentage Dips

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CBSE 12th Results 2022: No student will be declared as a topper as CBSE has decided to not release the toppers list. Number of students getting 90+% marks has seen a drop.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has declared class 12 board exam results today, July 22. The first-ever two-term exams result is comparatively dull as compared to last year. Not only have fewer students passed the boards but also the number of students getting 90%+ marks has seen a drastic drop. Notably, last year the board did not hold any exams due to the pandemic and in 2020 as well some of the exams had to be canceled mid-way.

This year, out of 14,44,341 students who registered for the exams as many as 1435366 students appeared. Among these, 1330662 students have passed the exams. The overall pass percentage is 92.71%. This is a drop from last year’s 99.37%, however, as compared to the pre-pandemic levels, the results are better.

Gender-wise, it is the transgender students who have performed the best. All students who registered as transgenders have passed the exams with a 100% pass percentage. Further, 94.54% of girls have passed the exam while 91.25% of boys who took the exams have managed to clear it. Girls have outperformed boys by 3.29% marks.

CBSE 12th Results 2022: Rise in Compartment Exam Takers

The number of students taking compartmental exams has seen a rise. As many as 67743 students (4.72% of those who appeared) will be taking compartmental exams. Last year the number of at 6149. This, however, is lower than pre-pandemic levels as 87651 students were to appear for compartmental exams in 2020 and 99207 were eligible for the compartment in 2019.

Fewer Kids Get 90%+

The number of students getting 90%+ marks has hit a three-year low. As many as 1,34,797 students have scored more than 90% in CBSE 12th results 2022. This is about 9.39% of the total students who appeared for the exam. The number of 90% scorers has been more than 10% over the year. As many as 1,50,152 students scored 90+ in 2021 and 1,57,934 scored the same in 2020.

Further, the 95%+ scorers have also seen a dip. As many as 33,432 students have scored more than 95% marks this year, a drop of nearly half from last year when 70004 students got the feat. In 2020, as many as 38,686 students had scored more than 95% in CBSE 12th results.

A drop in 90%+ scorers would mean a dip in cut-off for college admissions as most of the students applying for top colleges are from CBSE. This year, however, a majority of colleges have taken to CUET for admissions and only fewer colleges will be enrolling students based on 12th results.

CBSE 12th Results 2022: No One Tops?

This year, Board will issue merit certification to 0.1% of students who scored the highest marks in the subjects. However, the board has decided to “avoid unhealthy competition” and will not be releasing any merit list will be declared. However, several schools have reported that their students have obtained 100% marks. Thus, it would be safe to assume that highest ranking student would get full marks or 100% marks.

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