Can we take admission in IIT without jee mains and Advanced ? read this

Now you can take admission in (IIT Kanpur) without (JEE Mains) and (JEE Advanced) also. Yes, not surprising, it is a happy news that now your edition can be direct. Earlier, there were direct admissions in Mumbai’s (IIT) now it is happening in Kanpur. But there is a twist in this too, that twist is that, here you have to be an Olympiad.

What is Olympiad and why only they will get admission It is not that, if you are not an Olympiad then you will not get admission. Everyone will get admission.

But a separate criteria has been prepared for them. According to which those children will be recognized in the Olympiad who have qualified in any such Olympiad in any discipline like Maths, Physics, Chemistry or Informatics.

After which they will get direct admission. This has been kept because those children have already proved their ability, now they do not need any kind of test.

What is the process of admission To take admission in Olympiad, students will have to apply in IIT Kanpur by giving information about their specialized subject.

After which they can have a screening test. Which is currently being considered. Only after that the further process will be completed.

Let us tell you that admissions are already going on in IIT Bombay. After which now have been started in Kanpur.

In order to provide good facilities to the children. This will increase the desire of children to read and progress.

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