Army doctor in Panchkula develops low-cost, easy technology to fix finger fractures

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CHANDIGARH: Col Vijay Kumar Pandey, a doctor posted as plastic surgeon at the Command Hospital (Western Command) Panchkula

, Haryana, has developed an innovative, low-cost and easy method to fix the fractures of fingers. The method involves just a syringe cap and does not need any operation theatre or complex surgery and the procedure can be done in OPD under local anaesthesia.

The healing time too is one week less than the present practice followed in the country, where the supporting frame is costly (Rs 2,000), whereas in the technique developed by Col Pandey

, the patient needs just Rs 150-200. 

Col Pandey was recently facilitated by the International Science and Technology Awards

(IISTA-2022) by the ‘International Best Researcher Award’. His work has also been published in the ‘International Surgery Journal’.

Col Pandey’s mother Shiromani Pandey

was a teacher at the Air Force School, Prayagraj. He lost his father at a very early age and his mother single-handedly raised her three children, Col Pandey being the eldest of them.

The method developed and used by me is economical and easy to use as the mini external fixator for finger joint fractures with the use of K-wire and syringe cap, can give early mobility of joints after removal of fixator after three weeks. It does not require any plastic surgeon to apply and any surgeon can do it even as an OPD procedure,” the 46-year-old told TOI over phone. He said,”This was a prospective case study covering period from January 2021 to May 2022 at department of plastic surgery, Command Hospital, Chandimandir, wherein syringe needle-cap was used as an excellent mini-external fixator which was radio-lucent, readily available, inexpensive, simple, safe and easy to use.”

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