By | December 3, 2021
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This book published by Arihant publication and the author of this book is dileep gangwar (mbbs kgmu Lucknow) biology for class 12 and neet aspirant they can also use this book for their entrance exam.

Disclaimer: This blog does no longer very own this e-book neither created nor scanned. We simply supplying the hyper link already available on net and other sources. If any manner it violates the law or has any issues then kindly mail us or contact us  for this Link Removal. I have created this Blog Just to help poor students who are financially terrible to buy any book from market.

Here, I am sharing the books we referred to and the benefits you can get from particular book:

NCERT Textbooks 11th and 12th(read 15–25 times before exam)+ Solving exercise 1 and 2 of Allen Modules(Do not read complete module, just refer them whenever required) + A good teacher(or Good youtube Teacher like Neela bakore Tutorials, Ozone classes)= 360 in NEET Biology.

I don’t know about the best books, but here are the books I used to score 351 in biology(not a great score according to this year ik) in neet :

Ncert: very very very important.. I read it so many times and I suggest you to give it multiple readings.
Fingertips: good book for question practice
Allen modules: I used to read it only once or twice for minor tests
Class notes: Again I used these only for a few chapters and read it once or twice for minor tests.

Allen race: I used it for question practice but it is very unnecessary.
Neet 33 previous year question: I solved this few months before neet. It is not necessary, you may skip it and give ncert more readings.
Self prepared ncert based short notes
Allen, aakash, PW, neetprep motion test papers.
Neet prep question bank


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