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This book contain all five subject paper which is come in national talent hunt examination (ntse) mat + sat 5 practice sets and solved paper (2017-2021) for class 10 student who is going to appear for mental ability test (sat) and scholarship aptitude test (sat).

Disclaimer : This blog does no longer very own this e-book neither created nore scanned. we simply supplying the hyper link already available onnet and other saurces. if any issues then kindly mail us or contact us for this link removal. i have created this blog just tohelp poor students who are financially terrible to buyany bvook from market.

here i am sharing the books we are referred to and the benefit you canget from particular book.

First of all congratulations for 10 class That is really a huge achievement. So put yourself on the back.
Now coming to the prepation part. First thing you’ll need to do is take the NTSE syllabus and print it on a paper, post it on your study table. Align your studies according to syllabus. e.g.

In SAT you should see the subsections and and the depth you need to go. Then take NCERT books and see what all you’ll need to cover till October. Remember that you should know this way before you start preparing cause it’ll give you an idea about how much you have covered and what’s left. Posting it on your table helps you in this.
Next thing is, as you prepare a topic make sure you see previous year questions for it. This makes sure you’ve gotten to the depth of studies needed. Along with this while planning your preparation plan for regular tests. Evaluation at regular intervals is must. It acts as a check point which will give you a sense of satisfaction plus wake up call if you are lacking somewhere.

Generally in NTSE people focus on MAT. Its really important to know your strength and weaknesses here. Practice is the key to MAT. Sometimes it is difficult to even cover the whole paper. So you should know which parts to skip for now and come to it later on.

During my prepation for NTSE, I used prepare in group. It helped me a lot. It gives you a taste of competition and you realize where you stand amongst fellow aspirants.
Experts suggest you should draw a 100 day map of your prep. Keep tests at regular intervals. Analyze every result. Even if you perform very well, there is always a scope for improvement. Work on your weaknesses and know your forte too.

Now finally about mental prep. See when we get into prep mode sometimes we lose grasp of simple thing that in the end its just an exam. So you should treat it like one. Definitely it’ll tough but not impossible. If its tough, believe me it’ll be so for all, not only you (if you’ve prepared well). All your prep, all your sacrifices boil down to how you perform during those 4 5 hours. So its really really important to keep calm. If you realize you are stuck at a particular question, leave it there. Don’t make it an ego point that how can I leave it when I’ve prepared so much. Come back to it again and trust me you’ll solve it.

Its all about a mental block. All the pressure and tension blocks our thinking and we get stuck. This is what you should avoid. Especially on exam day and day before you should very calm. Take a good night sleep the night before. Never ever stay up late on that night. Don’t have very heavy food on that day and during the break. Don’t do anything extreme like having two three coffees in row to keep yourself high. Just be calm and composed.
So in sum, plan->study->test->revise->practice is the key. Prepare well, believe in yourself, take the blessings of parents and leave rest to the god.

All the best.




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